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Post Holder elections! Click here to fill out the qualifying form telling us you want to run for a post holder seat!

Who are post holders? The post holders a very important part of our local Democratic family! They initiate voter outreach efforts needed in their own communities and support local Democrats on the ground.

How does this work? Bulloch County is divided into 4 districts, with each district consisting of 2 school board districts (See post holder district map). There are 10 post holder seats in each district. Democrats living in the district who register as electors will choose candidates who have qualified. Of the 10 seats, 5 of them will serve 4 year terms and the other 5 will serve 2 year terms.

Why are we very excited about our new post holders in Bulloch County? The most effective Democratic committees use post holders to extend their influence and outreach to new people in new places. Without post holders, we tend to be a small operation run by a few people, but with post holders, we are bigger and better than ever! The entire purpose of the existence of the Bulloch Dems is to WIN ELECTIONS and post holders will help us win.

How do the post holder elections work? If you’re interested in running, fill out the qualifying form in the link above.

July 5 – July 11: We’ll collect the qualifying forms and will confirm your candidacy and district.

July 12 – 18: We will recruit electors and will ask you to sign up to be an elector so you can vote for yourself!

July 25: Election Day will be run virtually all day. Last minute candidates can be added before 10:00 am on Election Day.

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