The Bulloch County Democratic Committee is a county political party of the Democratic Party of Georgia. Our voting body 6 Democrats from the county. Voting members are elected during the first meeting of every odd numbered year, but vacant seats may be filled throughout the year.

We engage in Get-Out-The-Vote activities year in and year out, especially during election years. District by district, we find opportunities to increase Democratic performance and improve Democratic participation. We support democratic candidates in partisan and non-partisan elections at the local level.

Above all, we stand for social and economic justice. It’s time for you to stand with us in this important work. To make a real difference, we need Democrats from all walks of life and every district in our county.

2020 Officers

Interim Chair

Len Fatica


Don Armel

Vice Chair

Jessica Orvis

Recording Secretary

Jonathan Paine

2nd Vice Chair

Tim Stahl

3rd Vice Chair

Young Dems President 



All Democrats in Bulloch County, GA are invited to participate in all of our activities and events. The easiest way to get started is to attend one of our monthly meetings or by signing up for our mailing list.

Our Mission

  1. To support local, state, and national Democratic candidates by vigorous electioneering to generate Democratic majorities from Bulloch county.
  2. To develop and elect slates of candidates for local offices committed to a common program designed to promote the economic and social well-being of Bulloch County and all of its citizens.

County Posts

The County is divided geographically into 4 posts. Each Post can have up to 10 elected members of which one person will Chair the Post.


revised June 11, 2021

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